Folding Tables for Using Laptops in Cars

As I become more and more portable with my computing capabilities and powers, I'm constantly looking for new ways to improve my portable office environment. After just completing a 1500 Mile Road trip, I was once again confronted with the fact that it's very difficult and tedious to use a laptop in a passenger car.

I in fact was driving in a minivan with more room than your average car but possibly not as much room as the largest SUVs. Still it was not easy to use a laptop, let alone my 17 inch wide monster laptop from Toshiba.

Right now I'm working outside on a fishing dock as I write this article. I could be working anywhere.  Regardless, of the location I always need a flat, sturyd and fairly safe location for my laptop. Tonight it's sitting on some outdoor furniture from some home improvement store.  It is the cast-iron variety and it looks a bit like an outdoor bar complete with barstools.

There are times I would settle for simple folding tables, as I do not have to have something fancy. That makes me wonder if there's some way that someone could create a small folding table or attachment that would enable me to work with my laptop in a car. Think of it like a TV tray or TV stand that you could set your laptop on in the passenger seat of a car rooted in the backseat for that matter. It can't be that hard and I promise to turn the airbag off.

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