Improving Technology Series - Stair Lifts

I am fortunate to be young and in good health.  Over the last few years, my grandparents have experienced a great deal of bad health.  Before their health began to decline they anticipated their future needs and went to the significant expense of having an elevator installed in their home.

They were lucky because they had the means at the time to afford an elevator.  Plus, they had the foresight to act when they had the means.

Many people are not that fortunate.  There are however addtional alternatives besides elevators and besides selling your home to move into a single story ranch or a nursing home. 

Many people can now benefit from utilizing light weight, efficient and relatively inexpensive stair lift

These devices have been around for ages, but technolgoy has improved making them more reliable, lighter and safer. One of the most importat factors however is that they have become more affordable too. This is very important for the elderly living on fixed incomes or on diminishing savings and can literally give them the means to continue living in their home happily and safely for many more years.

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