Matches Local Deals that you Can Pick up in your car

Often times people browse the Internet looking for just that right thing at just the right price.  Once they find just the right thing at just that right price, they then hop in the car and drive to their local retailer where they either con the retailer into giving them the product of the same price or they end up paying more for product if they get the right product at all.

A recent press release from the new website called covers their new services.  They provide a search platform that allows people to search for products that are available in their local vicinity.  So if you are out there looking for Frigidaire Refrigerators, because your old refrigerator is an quite as efficient as it used to be in the summer starting to kill your electric bill, you can find the refrigerator on their site and then they will give you directions on where you can find that same refrigerator in your local area and you can drive to the store and pick it up today. 

Circuit City offers a similar option for things that they list in their store, but this service covers many stores within your area and not just a single retailer.

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