Apology for TheNewsroom Technical Problems

I would like to make an apology for the newsroom videos that are running on this site and some of my other websites.

These videos are very good and it provides some very good information and news.  That is why I put them on the site.  The problem is that some of the videos are running automatically.

They are not supposed to run automatically.  I've sent several notifications to theNewsroom and their tech support group, but I have not received any response as yet.  If they don't get this technical problem fixed that I will stop putting their videos on my websites.  I do hope they get it fixed because they make a good complement to the websites as they allow me to pick up related tech news in video form.  That makes it easier for me to deliver content to you without having to pepper this blog with lots and lots of articles.  Sometimes a video can sum up a topic much more efficiently than text can.

So again I apologize if you're stopping by the website and you start to hear a sound and realize later that it's the video playing automatically somewhere lower on the screen.  Hopefully this will be fixed very soon, and it may be annoying me as much if not more than it's annoying you.  I definitely don't want to annoy my readers and for that again I apologize one more time.

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