Synchronizing Wedding Cameras at the Reception

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Our sponsor recently provided a press release about their cheap wedding favors.  These are the presence that the guests at the wedding party and sometimes the guests at the reception receive from the couple is getting married. 

If chosen wisely these can make a wedding much more memorable, then if something is just randomly picked because it looks cute or goes with the decorum.

Our sponsor also provides wedding cameras and it strikes me that the technology hasn't caught up to the wedding party yet.  Wouldn't it be cool if technology allowed people to take those random pictures and snapshots and have them automatically synchronize via bluetooth to a computer or server which could then display the pictures digitally or projector or TV your something in an almost live fashion.

The disposable camera works great at these events, but there is usually a least one that is lost and working with manual film seems to be a bit of a waste of time.  Pick a deadly be something interesting about running live or semi-live pictures, someone may want to edit out some of the inappropriate pictures that might get taken.  Regardless it probably won't be long before these things go a little bit more high-tech.

Of course all of this might require a chief technology assistant or something to be hired by the wedding planner and increase the bill by another couple thousand dollars . ..

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