When will someone invent Self Packing Boxes?

I am moving this summer and for the most part, my wife and I are going to be doing the packing ourselves this time.  Its been a couple moves since we had to pack things ourselves and I'm already starting to dream about a technological solution.

I want a self packing box.  A simple and sturdy box, with some sort of arm that reaches out, wraps things up nicely and packs and seals the box.

The reality is that its hard enough just to find boxes.  I found a site in the UK that sells cardboard boxes and many other packing supplies, but we don't have much of an equivalent here in the US. There is a UHaul store but they don't give great rates. They are in the van renting business and so they just provide the boxes as an after thought. Anything you buy as an afterthought is always going to be marked up significantly and that seems to be the way things are there.

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