No Replacing Business Cards Yet

Every time I order business cards, I always think, "There's got to be a better way!" Something more efficient,  something a little bit cheaper, something that helps provide information in an exchange better than the business card, Something!

But the truth is there really isn't anything that works better yet. Cell phone manufacturers and PDA manufacturers have toyed with things like infra red transfers of information or vcards through Outlook.

Those tools do work but they're not quite as easy as handing someone a business card in the meating. Some tools such as business card scanners also help make things easier but they still rely on that old fashion calling card technology. New base services like LinkedIn, worked to rely on the social infrastructure of people that as a group contribute information about contacts and small or large changes for the contact information that occurs.

They are even companies such as that sponsor people to share information about companies to accumulate details about organization charts or structures and many other things about the inner workings of the company.  This information is then shared on the internet for the world to see and access and for their reporters to get to the bottom of things faster too.

The bottom line is that nothing has yet replaced the business card nor become as ubiquitous as the business card. It is still the standard used in business today.

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