Poker Tables in Space Tourism

I'm sure it will be many years may be decades before space tourism becomes passé.  Going into outer space and looking back at the planet Earth seems to be almost a religious experience for the people that have had the luxury of space travel.

But someday space travel will will be as common as flying to Vegas.  In fact it will probably become tedious, hundreds maybe thousands of people crammed into a small space journey from one place to the next taking days maybe weeks to get to their destination.

Gaming Industry Opportunity

Diva from Fifth Element performing in space with planet in background

There are no laws in space.  The moon is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, but space is an open frontier with no laws or borders for that matter.  It could definitely become possible that space might become the next haven for gamblers.

The gambling industry makes billions of dollars off of gamblers every year, and much of that money goes back into investing in gambling infrastructure from massive hotels and real estate investments to restaurants and other attractions all the way down to endless rows of poker tables.

It's not that crazy to consider that the gambling industry could drum up the funds to make space tourism a reality as they search for a new and novel place to entice their customer base.  People sometimes scoff at the idea of the Russians excepting space tourists, however when the Americans catch on to the idea and the gambling industry identifies the potential and the legal freedom, the world of space travel can change significantly.

Who knows you might even be able to get comped a free trip to Venus . . .

or Catch a show with the latest alien diva . ..

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