Yah-Poo! Pride Cometh Before the Fall


Yahoo's chief executive officer, proved this week that he is an apt to continue leading the once great Internet giant Yahoo!.   His pride came long before the better interests of his company and his customers as he bent over backwards to block Microsoft from becoming a partner. 

To ultimately account which this goal he had to do a deal with a double and partner up with  Google, which formerly ran Yahoo out of the search engine industry years back and now is preparing to run Yahoo out of Internet advertising as well. 

Before Google is done with Yahoo there'll be nothing left of the company in Yahoo's shareholders will not even have sold the company to anyone.  Jerry Yang is essentially giving the company a way for nothing all in an effort to foil a deal with Microsoft.

Yahoo! Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jerry Yang's five-month conflict with Microsoft Corp. ended yesterday. The outcome may not be good for him or the Internet company's investors.

Yahoo said yesterday it scrapped talks after Microsoft refused to pay the $47.5 billion it offered last month. Instead Yang unveiled a partnership with Google Inc. While that deal may add $800 million to annual sales, it may not be enough to push the stock above $30, Canaccord Adams's Colin Gillis said.

``When Microsoft walked, it was a real walk,'' Gillis said. The New York-based analyst recommends selling Yahoo shares. ``This deal has the perception of damaged goods.''

The Google accord may make Yang more vulnerable in a proxy fight against billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who says Yang botched the Microsoft negotiations. Even if shareholders opt to replace the company's directors with Icahn's candidates, Microsoft is no longer showing an interest in buying Yahoo, owner of the second most popular online search engine.

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It is absolutely no wonder that analysts and stockholders alike are starting to bail out of Yahoo as they realize that there is ultimately going to be no hope for this company.  If you haven't gotten out of Yahoo yet, now is the time to cash in and cut your losses as they are.  If you are a customer of Yahoo, it's probably time to try and find some alternate service solutions as their service offerings have been getting substantially worse over the last year and now promised to do more of the same.  Jerry Yang seems to be following a business model paid out by AOL in which you cannibalize a company ultimately sell it for nothing with little rationale other than saving your pride until you're pushed out of office at which point in time you perform a big balance transfer to your retirement plan and hope to avoid any congressional inquiries.

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