More than Half Sold on NexAira 3G WiFi Router & My Review is not even Complete Yet!

So for a couple weeks now I have been reviewing the use of a 3G WiFi mobile router. Those words name the device but they are a bit of a mouthful. This is essentially a Wireless Router that connects to the internet via a cellular air card sets up the wireless network which multiple computers can then connect to wirelessly.

Whew, told you it was a mouthful, but it is also very useful so its worth the explanation.

Now, as I mentioned I have been reviewing this device for a couple weeks now, writing a number of short articles as I go through the various stages of my review.

Now I try and keep unbiased when I review a product, but half way through the review, I have to say that I am about sold on this product. It does what it claims to do and does it well.

I haven't had the success with my TiVo yet, but that has been more of an issue finding the right TiVo adapter (I have one in a mini storage unit, but haven't been able to find it in the boxes and my two attempts to purchase a new adapter from Amazon, yielded the wrong type of adapter.)

That said, it works great for establishing a WiFi network. This has been invaluable when both my cable internet and DSL internet connections went down at my house during a storm a week back. My Aircard and WiFi 3G router still worked and I was still in business. It has also been very useful for some of the mobile blogging activities that I engage in regularly.

I suspect that for small companies that send small teams of 2 - 5 people into the field together, this could also help to save companies the expense of having to purchase multiple air cards and accounts. Using 1 air card and saving on the purchase of 4 others could save a company $240 a month, easily paying for the NexAira 3G mobile router in the first month alone.

Even better a friend of mine bought the 3G router and the Wireless extender from Powerful Signal and had some excellent insight into the situations for using the devices together when working from a remote cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

Here are some of the videos that accompany My reviews

2 Responses:

Anonymous said...

thank for the info i think its a new version of the AirLink AR360W3G
which does not have good reviews

have you ever powered a PAP2 with this thing

BrettBum said...

I do not know what a PAP2 is actually, but no I have not. :)


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