Where to Get NexAirA Router

A Person at Utterz missed my early statement or link about where I found this gem of a device, the 3G Wireless Router. So I reiterated that I found it at PowerfulSignal.com.

That said, I'm still testing the device and while my initial results have all been very positive, I need more time to test the following items before I'll give an endorsement and encourage people to spend a little money out of their savings account to become even more mobile.

What I have not had a chance to test is the following items:

  1. How far from the router can I get a WiFi signal on my computer
  2. How many computers (laptops) can connect successfully at the same time
  3. How does the device work when powered through a DC inverter (ergo I plug in a DC inverter into a cigarette lighter on a car or boat, then plug the router into the inverter and start blogging or something)

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