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It has been a while since I rand down my history with MindManager. I was conversing on the topic on Utterz, a great social network and thought I'd share this response below here.

MindManager can be very addictive. I started using it back in 2005. After downloading the trial, (I missed the section where they have the video tutorials) but after about 20 minutes I had taught myself how to use the software and 10 minutes later had brainstormed and drafted a business plan with Mind Manager.

I later went on to use it extensively in everything from process diagrams, to drafting policies, procedures, training materials and more.

Then as I became more involved with contract negotiations and partnership relations management, I started to use it to map out contracts, their negotiations ant tie that into our systems and databases so that the systems would mirror the agreement and we could gather data to later pinpoint the aspects of contracts that might need more emphasis during future renegotiations.

I also happen to be a MindManager trainer and blog about it a bit. ;)

BTW the PC version is 10 times more powerful than the Mac version. This is pretty much a made for PC type of software, mostly because it is interoperable with most Office programs.

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MindManager for me is one of the best things to empower my brain to do more that I have ever come across, with Dragon Naturally Speaking coming in a close second. For me the visualization of concepts just helps me operate and think faster like a massage therapist helps your muscles relax better. I've been to mindmapping school and it helped even more, just like a therapist would attend massage therapy schools. It just helps!

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