Is Time Warner Cable Slowing Down My Internet Connection?

This evening I purchased a software program called Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate.  It cost me about $100 and if I download it, I do not have to pay for the CD's and shipping and boxes and junk, which will save me another $40-$50.

The thing is the download is about 5 gigabytes total.  While I was downloading on my Time Warner Internet connection, I noticed that about 10 minutes into the download, the speed seemed to slow to a trickle.  The download program showed that my download speed was coming in at about 300 kbs.

This is on a connection that is supposed to yield me 3 - 10 megabytes per second.

Now one obvious possibility is that the Pinnacle server sending me the files is a little slow.  That could be the case, and I just can't tell.

However, with all the talk about broadband companies putting the brakes on speed, I was curious whether or not Time Warner might have interpreted my download activity as a movie download or something and proceeded to put the brakes on me.

I ran a speed test while the download was taking place and it showed that instead of the normal minimum 3 mbs, I was only getting about 1.5 mbs.


As I write this article, I am now waiting to test the speed connection again once the download has finished and possibly after some time has passed so that I can see when or if things speed back up.  I'll share the results of that finding in a quick follow up article in the next day or so.

If you have run into similar problems or if you have some possible other perspectives on what may have slowed down a normally fast connection, drop me a comment and I will expand the troubleshooting more if I can.

Mostly, I just want the fastest most reliable connection I can get.  I don't want an anemic connection that makes my computer suspect I'm feeding it diet pills.  I want the seven course dinner full of butter and fat and everything that goes with it to stuff my pipes and keep my computer working as hard as possible.  So if Time Warner can't provide this, I may have to continue searching for someone that can.  (I've already had to drop Bellsouth/At&T because they didn't come close to making the grade.)

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