Powering WiFi Router with Air Card


I have been working on testing and finding some good uses for a 3G Connected WiFi Router from NexAira that I received from Powerful Signal.

I'm going through several aspects of my initial tests with the product here at MavenMappers and expect to find some libertating uses for this technology this summer. I've also had several conversations about the product over at Utterz a few people have already purchased their own 3G WiFi Router.

Here is a quick glimpse at the download upload speeds that I received with 2 bars of signal on my mobile router. As I understand things, your aircard speed are going to be limited according to the strength of the signal.

For what its worth the company that I received this router from PowerfulSignal.com also sells signal boosters in addition to these cellular routers, which can be used in conjunction with your cell phone or air cards. So if you are in the mountains and your cell signal is very week, you might also benefit from a cell phone signal booster. (I believe that will help you push out signal/data to a cell phone tower.) Usually they transmit at plenty of signal to reach you, its more an issue of whether you can talk back to them to establish '2way' communication.

Here's the home page for the company


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