Did Vote for the Worst Win last Week?

I suspect that American Idol was hijacked by both the worst last week.

I think that is terrific!

I am enjoyed watching American Idol in the past, however this season has been extremely painful as most of the people on the show have very little talent compared to pass contestants or even compared to actual American idols.

So in the best singer got voted off last week I immediately thought that vote for the worst had been successful.  There's lots of reasons to explain why Dolittle may have been voted off, but this is the most likely one as I look at it.

Sure she'll get to go on tour with the American Idol group and I'm sure she will get a record deal of her own, but I'm not about to go see her in concert nor any other American idols in concert anytime soon.  If I'm going to shell out money for concert tickets it can be for someone to do a lot more talent!

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