Need Help Finding a Bag to Hold my 17 inch Monster - Laptop

I am sure I have my priorities backwards, however when I travel I don't really worry about my clothes are my shoes or my bathroom bag or anything else, my first priority is making sure that my computer and all the accessories I need are packed and ready to roll.

I never find the luggage that I'm looking for when it comes time to pack my electronics. I think I have a luggage choosing deficiency or something because I always end up getting shoulder bags or backpacks that aren't quite right. I lucked out a few years ago and picked out a good shoulder bag from Samsonite that I basically had copied from a fellow coworker.

My firend and coworker had the same computer I had and I saw their bag and how they had it laid out working and I went and bought the same version. That was easy I was copying.

Unfortunately last winner I upgraded my computer and I now have one of those big 17 inch wide monsters of a laptop.  It doesn't fit in my benchmarked bag at all.

So I have to find a good shoulder bag or backpack capable of holding my 17 inch monster. Since I have a luggage choosing deficiency that's not likely to happen anytime soon, so if anyone out there has one of those 17 inch monsters preferably a Toshiba satellite, drop me a comment and let me know what type of computer bag or backpack that you use or prefer for your own 17 inch monster.

These days I write a motorcycle so if you have a good backpack that you could recommend for a 17 inch monster laptop that would be ideal for me.

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