MindVisualizer - Formatting a Node

This week I'm hoping to strike a couple of things off my to do list.  I'm going to be traveling a bit through the Pigeon Forge area and probably staying there through a deal I found at Pigeon Forge vacation rentals overlooking the mountains.

Specifically, I'm hoping to test drive MindVisualizer.  They provide mindmapping software and there's nothing unique about another mindmapping tool, but they do have a feature that caught my eye and is driving the test drive.

Their mind mapping software has the capability to format an entire node of sub topics.  Instead of having to individually select all the sub topics and then format them, you can select a higher level topic and opt to format all the sub topics in that node with the same formatting.  Compared to MindManager (even the new Version 7) that saves about a half dozen mouse clicks to achieve the same formatting result.

MindVisualizer screen shot

The bottom line is that there are many mindmapping tools out there.  Mindmappers need to be vigilant against over formatting their mind maps in a way that detracts from their goal of getting things done and turns them into full time formatters.   In this regard, I think this simple and intuitive feature in MindVisualizer could be very useful.  I don't know if this or any other features in the program make it worth picking up the software permanently, but it is a step in the right direction and shows a level of intuition that is vacant from several other mindmapping systems that seem to be stuck copying each other with the same utilities and functions.

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shaz said...

great software i like the concept


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