Getting a Natural Tan with Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software

When you think of computer nerds, you typically think of a pale pasty looking guy, who has been locked up in a computer lab somewhere for far too long.  Let's call that computer generation 1.0.

I say 1.0 because you may be thinking of a professional looking person, may be a male or female dressed in business casual attire sitting in Starbucks with wireless laptop.  Let's call that computer generation 2.0.

I'd like to suggest a potential future of computer professionals in computer generation 3.0.

The concept came to me while I was sitting on my front deck basking in springtime sun of Atlanta, Georgia.  I have previously lived in both computer generations 1.0 and 2.0, but now I'm living in something entirely different.

I'm sitting on my deck wearing a T-shirt and shorts and Teva sandals.  It's about 80° outside, the sun is out and there's not very much smog in the air today.  My laptop computer is about 5 feet away from me sitting under a shaded enclosure on my deck.  I am sitting out in the sun relaxing with my eyes closed hands behind my head face tilted towards the sun processing some vitamin D in my system. 

I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred to transcribe this article.

I've written over a dozen articles about  using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on our sister site Maven Mapper's Information -- the Light.  This article seemed to be more appropriate for Maven Mapper's Information the Dark, because I'm working on my skin coloration a little bit.  All winter long, I've been working inside and I am feeling a little pale.  My Cherokee-German-English heritage is feeling a little challenged in pigmentation department.  Plus, I could use a little fresh air after fumigating a room attached to my office.

Working with voice recognition software from Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows me to work hands free and eyes free.  I am not confined to being at  arms length from my laptop while I write.  Writing that line, I am reminded of my days in the military where I was required to keep my rifle within arms length at all times. 

"This is my rifle,this is my gun, one is for  ..."  Full Metal Jacket

Did I mention that I do not even have to have my eyes open!  Granted, I will have to edit this article later to ensure there are no mistakes(no mistakes was transcribed by DNS as "no stakes"), but I can get the general idea out in a great first draft with my eyes closed and my hands resting behind my head - not quite behind my back.

Literally, I can sit back and relax in the sun, I don't have to worry about my computer getting overheated from direct sunlight.  I can enjoy the open air and the great outdoors.  It's really a beautiful thing.

This is just an example of the power of voice recognition and what it can do to free you from your computer and enable you to still get work done efficiently.

Ten years from now I can envision meditating on top of a mountain top, near the ancient civilization of Machu Picchu possibly, gazing out over the mountains and valleys and capturing my thoughts and perspectives and possibly performing some useful functions to enable productive communication with my friends and family and business partners from around the world. 

The computer generation 3.0 will not only be freed from wires and cables attached to a desktop computer, eventually they will be free from their computers themselves.

My efforts are admittedly in their infancy.  As I sit on the deck I have to concern myself with tan lines that might develop from the headset microphone that partially covers my cheek.  I am not using a wireless Bluetooth headset for Dragon.  They are available.  I just don't have one, but would accept a donation. 

So I am limited to a distance of approximately 3 to 6 feet away from my laptop.  It's not that far, but for sunbathing it is far enough.

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