Where are the Laptop Desks?

I am preparing to move this summer, and we will be temporarily staining corporate housing.  Anyone that's ever been a corporate housing knows that you don't get a lot of space sometimes in corporate housing.  This time around were actually opting for a smaller place and were sending a good deal of our stuff into storage.

That said I still need to be a little work effectively from our future temporary housing home.  I've been casually browsing for a nice and efficient desk to use with my laptop.  It seems like most furniture designed for holding your computers are designed for the older age of desktop computing.  I haven't used a desktop computer myself and three or four years a least.  In fact I have two desktop desks and I'm trying to find a good way to get rid of them.

I've seen a couple desks that are close to the right purpose at Studio RTA Furniture. They are still tailored to be used with desktop computers, but a couple of them are close to the right thing for a laptop. It makes me wonder when furniture manufacturers will get around to custom tailoring some desks as Pacific leave for laptop users.

What would such a desk include?

  1. cooling pad to keep the laptop cool
  2. some form of USB hub
  3. an optional monitor cable for either a projector or some form of flat panel display
  4. small drawer to hold wireless mouse that works with either Bluetooth or USB
  5. maybe even a portable hard drive stuck in a drawer somewhere
  6. a surge protector and possibly the laptops charging cable itself should also be hidden away somewhere in the desk
  7. A wireless keyboard tucked away in a tray to work with the laptop

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