Looking for 290 million Americans?

Many of us do not want to be on a vast database compillation of mailing lists, especially when we are walking to the mail box.  However, dircect mail is still an effective way of getting your message out in direct advertising.

Martin Worldwide provides Mailing Lists with a mega database of over 290 million people living in the US.  They recently provided a release about their database ResponsCom a collection of buying behaviors and information for millions of people.  It does many business very little good to have an unqualified list of names and addresses, however with the right qualifying information a direct mailing campaign can be much more effective and for the person receiving the mail, it can useful as opposed to annoying.

1 Responses:

Harry T. said...

Thanks for the info. There's nothing more painful than an unqualified list. Makes it tough for marketing sometimes.


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