Broken Technology Series: Laser Combs - Skip it and get a transplant

If you are folicly challenged or like me come from a family with a long history of folicle disabilities, you may find yourself confronted with that infamous question.

Its not, should I come over or not.

Its not, should I just shave it all bald and put on a layer of wax.

Its the question of how do I get my hair to grow back?

If you want to grow hair on your arms or in the bald spot in the middle of the back of your head, you could try menoxidyl and try and avoid feeling like Homer Simpson with a hair tonic.

If you want to grow peach fuzz elsewhere, that won't every amount to anything significant and will probably fall out again any way, then you could try a laser comb.  Think some sort of souped up lazer pointer that looks like a comb that you use three times a week to stimulate your hair folicles like Bruce Lee stimulating his pectorals and abs with electroshock.

Apparently accoding to Dr. Larry Shapiro, surprise surprise, laser combs don't work!  Its been authorized by the FDA, but we all know that they will authorize anything.  If you don't believe me just check out the recent spike in pet cemetary burials.

Dr. Shapiro is a bit biased as he specializes in hair transplants.  Hair transplants really seem to be the only technology that really gets the job done.  The results may look a little goofy for a few months after the implanted folicles start to heal and grow in thicker, but if your wife, girl friendor mistress ever had a boob job, you know that those things can look a little odd for a while after the surgery as well.

Some things take time to heal and grow into their own.

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