Proof of Concept - Can I listen to an Audible Audio Book on a DVD

Tonight, I am hoping to learn whether or not I can listen to an audio book downloaded from Audible on a DVD.  I am doing this for a very specific reason and not one that is intended to hack or reproduce audio books.

The Problem with current audio books on CD

Audio books on multiple CD's take up too much space, get lost or scratched to easy.

People that have eye sight impairments can listen to audio books, but if they have to juggle 10 or 20 CDs that all feel the same way to them, its very easy to get the book out of order, or have to find the right CD by trial and error

Audible provides a way to record audio books already using Nero, but this often times makes the previous problem worse as labeling the CD's is troublesome (adds to an already slow process) and without good labels makes things even more difficult for those with vision impairments trying to read audio books

The Idea to solve the current problem by recording audio books to DVD

Record the silly audio books onto a single DVD disc instead of multiple CD's. 

Noted Issue with the Idea

This is not necessarily the most portable method for listening to an audiobook.  My goal is to however make it possible to play the audio book from a standard DVD player, where the book can be inserted and a person can just hit play or select the chapter of their choice.

How I will try to test this

I plan to use Nero 8 to record the audio book to a CD format.  Then instead of burning it to a CD, I'll simply burn it to a DVD. 

Sounds easy right?

Well the best laid plans of mice and men rarely are that easy.  If they were we'd all be beautiful, rich, healthy, skinny and we wouldn't be chasing the dream, working too much, typically out of shape and stuffing down diet supplements like hydroxycut while we roll through the McDonalds drive thru to get a super sized meal.


I'll let you know how it goes!

1 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know how you feel. I have been working on the project for 2 days. It's a mystery to me. Let me know if you find a solution. Thanks,


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