Returning from CES this Evening

I have a great deal of information, stories, insights, images and videos to share as I return from CES.  I didn't burn out my Panasonic camcorder batteries at this show, but I did see some very very interesting stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show.

For me the key thing at the show, was not any one gadget, but the chase by a great many different companies from all around the world.  They are chasing a better computer interface.  Something beyond the mouse and keyboard, beyond typing.  Something faster, more fluid, more efficient, more intuitive.

The really cool thing is just how much progress these companies are making and close to similar topics they are.  A wide number of industries seem to be converging on related and similar technologies.  This is all taking place with the backdrop of the entertainment industry final battle between Blue-Ray and HDVD.  I expect there will be a massive fight over a standard that will be infinitely more important than betamax v VHS or an internet standard or cellular infrastructure or the recent and relatively minor fight over HDVD and BlueRay. 

This fight will likely involve not just interest groups and companies, but entire nations.  In fact one of the most important nations on earth is already staking a major claim (and investment) in one of those technologies.

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