Half Million OnStar Customer May Go Dark in February thanks to FCC

OnStar may see a half million customers lose service in February of 2008.  At that time, analog cellular providers will be able to start switching off analog service on their networks.  Analog cellular service can provide superior quality, but requires more power and under the original network configurations did not allow as many users to place calls at the same time.

he FCC voted in 2002 to allow cell phone carriers to begin allowing their analog networks to go offline beginning February 18, 2008.  As this date is fast approaching, as many as 500,000 OnStar users will no longer have access to emergency services.  It is believed as many as one million cell phone users will be shut out, as will about 400,000 wireless home security systems.  Many people are also completely unaware this shutdown is coming.
Analog cell phone network going off-air Feb 18, 2008

The FCC and cellular network owners tried to make people believe that call quality under digital networks would be superior but that was just propaganda inspired by wireless lobbyists hoping to get more users talking on digital networks.  At the time it also enabled manufacturers that sold network hardware to push the replacement of analog towers with digital towers generating billions of dollars of revenue.

It also resulted in a number of kick back scandals by the major wireless hardware providers, their customers and government agencies around the world.  Anyone that really believes that digital provides better quality might be interested in Tennessee land for sale at wooden nickel prices.

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