Can I listen to an Audible Audio Book on a DVD - The Steps

OK, so here are the steps that I am following to achieve this goal to burn an Audible Audio book on to a DVD ( mentioned in a previous article - Maven Mapper's: Proof of Concept - Can I listen to an Audible Audio Book on a DVD ).

  1. Open up Audible Manager
  2. Select File menu
  3. Get Nero to burn to a CD -> This take me to an audible page where I am given the option to state that I already own Nero 6 or 7 or take Nero 8 for a trial.  (I own Nero 7, but its on a CD somewhere and I can't find it so I am just trying Nero 8)
  4. Download Nero 8 (187 MB, its a BIG program for a download)
  5. 2 Coke Zero's later, and a few games of Wii Tennis, its downloaded and I begin the install (custom install because I want to see what I'm getting, and I said no to the Ask toolbar, because I already have it)
  6. OK, so the Custom Setup as a Brazillian different options (Writing this so that even George Bush could understand)
    1. Nero 8 Custom Setup Options
    2. Well Hell, I don't have the time to go through all those options, so it looks like I'm picking all of them!  (How very Texan of me - I'm a former Texan)
  7. So I start the install and get one of those ominous screens
    1. nero2
    2. Unfortunately, the screen isn't lying so its time to find something else to do for a while like test drive some memory foam during a nap on platform beds for a different set of reviews.
  8. Then I got a pop up window that attempted to make Nero my default application for just about every file type known to computers (I exaggerate, but it was a silly pop up and I spent some time with the remove all button)
    1. nero3
    2. Note, I had to hit remove all for each of the tabs, as Remove All, only removed all the visible check boxes, it didn't actually remove 'ALL'  for that you have to click on each tab in Nero 8 installation and remove all 4 times.
    3. nero4
  9. Fortunately that was the last step for the installation!
    1. nero5
    2. Sorry for the chipper attitude had to drink left over New Years Eve champagne before this article.
      1. That's not true, just an excuse
  10. Ah, blasted restart message!
    1. nero6
    2. Well, just when I thought I was getting lucky, I got this little beauty, so now its time to publish this section of the steps
  11. In the next section, I'll restart my computer after shutting down all my applications, and give the burning to DVD process a try.  I'll cover that in a separate blog article.

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