US Spy Satellite to go the way of Sky Lab

skylab I was born in 1972 and one of the gifts I received at my birth was a set of Skylab coins.  Skylab fizzled to the Earth eventually and that always makes me pay attention a little bit more when other objects that went up, prepare to come down. 

That's exactly what will happen in the next few days to weeks for a US spy satellite that has lost power and will crash on Earth somewhere soon splashing in the ocean or hitting some desert or wiping out some swing sets, or maybe crashing into a Frederic's of Hollywood spreading women's lingerie over several blocks, the final destination is anyone's guess.

Regardless, you can bet that the US military will likely be all over the satellite after it hits picking up and salvaging those portions of the satellite that might survive and still be important, cameras, hard drives, memory and who knows what else.  Hopefully, they'll be able to find what they are looking for as they sort through all of those under garments. . . .

Orbiting U.S. spy satellite could crash to Earth

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