Disappointment with the Lack of Laser Guided Scissors at CES

This week I am sorting through all of the handouts, business cards, thumb drives and CD's that I received at CES and exploring all those websites that relate to all that PR material that I lugged back on an airplane.  You can bet that I was surprised to discover that I had completely missed one of the most important inventions of our generation.


The Laser Guided scissors

  1. Where was that product at CES?
  2. Why was there no CEA coverage of the laser guided scissors?
  3. Why did Cnet completely miss this product at the show?
  4. What would the booth babe of this product have dressed in, cut up jeans?

These were all questions that ran unimportantly through my head when I came across a few 'cool' inventions at a blog that I was browsing through today as I worked to also get caught up on the writings out on the long tail.

Oh well, there is always next year.  I'm sure with another year of Research and development they will be able to find a way to guide scissors with brain waves and a robot.

Seriously, I'll have a long recap and many reviews coming up soon.  Please do not send premature performance reviews to my editor complaining about the delay.

Please, just stay posted, and in the mean time, don't run with lasers nor scissors!

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