Trying to Burn an Audio Book to DVD Steps

This is the third article in a series that I am covering where I am trying to learn if its possible to burn an audio book to a DVD.  You can read why I'm doing this in Part 1, or read how I got to this phase in Part 2.

The New Beginning

So in the previous part, I walked through the typical installation of Nero 8.  This is the program that Audible recommends for burning CD's.  I'm hoping to find a fork in the path of the process that will enable me to burn to DVD somehow.

After I rebooted my computer (post installation), I first started up audible Manager, and the program crashed. 

That was a bad sign!

So then I started up Nero 8, and chose the Nero Home option (there was a long list of Nero related programs added to my computer.  :(  This program required a little additional setup, so I did that, and now I'm going to try and restart Audible Manager.

Audible launched this time, just like last time, but this time didn't crash (yet).

  1. So I selected the Nero Burner as my mobile Device
  2. Then Selected Burn CD's with Nero
    1. 2008-01-02_0021
  3. The first time through, I had to verify my Audible Account
    1. audible account authentication for Nero
    2. do over time
  4. I highlighted the Audio book I wanted (can only select 1 audio book part at a time at this stage) and hit that Burn to CDs with Nero Button all over again
    1. 2008-01-02_0021
  5. That broke up my single audio book part into multiple parts, which again you can only select once
    1. 2008-01-02_0027
    2. Note the Add, Delete and Properties buttons are pretty much useless
    3. Add opens up a window that allows you to switch book
    4. Delete deletes a segment from the part
    5. Properties just shows you the book information and summary
  6. Click Next if you really want to do something.
  7. Now I get the following window
    1. 2008-01-02_0031
    2. Note - I do not have any DVD options.  Nor do I have any options to save the files to a hard drive for future burning to a DVD
  8. I hit Burn anyway after inserting a DVD
  9. That gives me a pop up window and ejects my DVD, which zings across the room and embeds itself in an Abraham Lincoln bust across the room.
    1. 2008-01-02_0033
  10. So now what?

Well, next I thought I would try an old fashioned CD and see what I get.  So I clicked the Burn to CDs with Nero button again and did everything else the same.  this kicked off the CD burner for the book I was trying to burn, but it appears that this will generate 4 CD's for a single half a book.

Let me take a break for a minute and explain that I am trying to burn this to DVD so that I can listen to an entire book from one DVD disc playing in a DVD player.

I mostly just burned this first CD to see if the burner program even worked, and it appears to be working, but I definitely do not want to burn a bunch of CDs only to then copy them to a DVD.  I'm hoping primarily to find a way to minimize the number of discs for people with vision impairments or even for people with disabilities that restrict their mobility like cerebral palsy.  The goal is to minimize the number of discs that have to be dealt with down to a minimum. 


So at this point I am out of ideas for the evening.  I'll probably think it over and try and find some other way to attack this problem.  keep in mind that I am not doing this to crack the audio books or anything (that's easy enough as there are programs already available, but I do not want to do anything like that, just trying to find a better personal use to prove if the concept is possible)

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Anonymous said...

There is a program called Tunebite that rips audible books.

The demo does only 60 seconds, so you will need to buy a full version, or steal it from a torrent site.

It plays the book at double speed, and creates a standard unprotected file. So if you have many hours of books, it will take some time to do.

The site:

The torrent:

Anonymous said...

Great, a post on how not to do something. How utterly useful.


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