Telecom Industry Wins a Round on Eavesdropping

A strange battle is still advancing in Washington DC.  The Senate is working to advance dueling bills.  One would hold the Telecom industry accountable for handing over information to the Executive branch of government that enabled internal spying on Americans.  The other bill would prevent individuals and groups from filing lawsuits against the individual companies that engaged in this practice.

The bill to forgive the industry passed forward to be considered during a vote in the Senate today.

By 76 to 10, with Democrats divided, the Senate voted to advance the bill for consideration. 

Telecom Industry Wins a Round on Eavesdropping - New York Times

Plus, there is even an amendment to that recently forwarded bill that would remove the telecom industry from the lawsuits and replace the defendant with the United States Government itself.

This particular battle has Congress fighting the President and the Senate fighting the House and the Courts biding their time and dealing with the court cases as they come up.  Politicians are spinning around as if they were all caught on an automated elliptical machine perpetually doing ellipticals with no way to get off the machine.

Maybe that is the point.  They will keep the noise high and pretend that they are doing nothing while they really just spin their wheels.

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