Laws Against Mobile Texting Not Getting Message Across

The United Kingdom may have been one of the first areas to impose laws banning the use of mobile messaging while driving several years ago.  This may not be surprising if you consider that the UK, possibly only second behind South Korea, had a very high adoption of acceptance of the practice of mobile text messaging.

That acceptance led to accidents while driving and laws to prohibit messaging while driving (Possible jail time for mobile-wielding drivers ) But that did not stop a lot of people from texting while driving.  So now lawmakers have to figure out how to put some bite back in the law.

Many are pointing towards higher levels of enforcement but the reality is that its difficult to enforce because it is difficult to catch people

Picture Matt Damon texting a message to Jack Nicholson in 'The Departed' while Damon holds a phone in his pocket and doesn't look.

How can Police catch someone doing something that they can not themselves witness?

Its not like they are looking at a Cat 5 hurricane blow in across the ocean.  This is an out of site, out of mind problem, until someone wrecks a car.  By the time that happens, it is too late and other charges will be more serious typically.

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