For Whom the Monopoly Bells Knol - Google's December Attack

Google has been attacking different industries all month long as they attempt to expand their monopoly both horizontally and vertically.  They have been preparing to kick of the GPhone, By wireless spectrum, Attack bloggers and website owners for working with alternative advertising platforms and this month they are taking on one of the internet golden children, Wikipedia.

Google's new Wikipedia clone is to be called Knol and it will pay users to put their name to their entries and share in the advertising revenue.  There is already a means of achieving a similar result in both Blogger and Google Pages, but this will open up pages to be shared and edited by the world, taking it one step further.  It will also give Google a supremely unfair advantage over its competitors.  What's next for Google?  Absolute Vodka, Heroin, Cigarettes, and investments on the flip side in alcohol rehabs?

Inspiration ~ Google's Know-It-All Project

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