Corporations Invited to Collect Biometric Information on Employees for the FBI

Corporations have been turning to law enforcement for background check information for many years.  Now, it appears that law enforcement might start looking for a little reciprocation from corporations.

The FBI is seeking $1 billion to build a biometric database that references and more importantly cross references multiple biometric data points that include:

  • Digital images of faces
  • fingerprints
  • palm patterns
  • iris patterns
  • face-shape data
  • scars
  • walking patterns
  • speech patterns and characteristics

The reason for this is to develop the ability of giving more complete information to law enforcement agents during more routine situations.

If all goes as planned, a police officer making a traffic stop or a border agent at an airport could run a 10-fingerprint check on a suspect and within seconds know if the person is on a database of the most wanted criminals and terrorists.

FBI Plans $1 Billion Biometric Database; Provides Corporate Access : Reclaim Liberty

The trick will be for the FBI to turn the Corporate requests into a street of two way information.  As it is corporations will receive notifications about criminal activity involving their employees (not sure if that is before or after they are proven guilty).  I can just picture people standing around the flat panel plasma mount tv watching employees names scroll through the FBI's recent activity blotter reports.

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