Why New Blogger Sucks - Written on a Blogger blog that will never validate - thanks blogger!

If you want to create a blog that complies to web standards as by the W3C and you want to use Google's newest Blogger system, well sorry about that.  It will not validate.  You are just screwed. 

I like blogger, I'm a proponent of it on many levels despite some of its handicaps and flaws, but this is one that they should not overlook.  This is just stupid, Google among all companies should not promote the creation of invalid websites.  Hell, Google's blogger might even be criminal in the UK.  From an accessibility perspective, new blogger is to disabled people what 2 inches of sand on a sidewalk would be to people in wheel chairs.

There is really no excuse - but check it out if you like

This launch is a huge deal for Blogger. They may not have gotten everything right out of the gate, so I’ll cut them plenty of slack, and I would hope others do the same based on the number of improvements and enhancements they’ve made all at once. For instance, those who know my style and promotion of web standards may immediately try to validate the home page. I’ll save you the time and tell you it won’t validate right now. (If you’ve already visited Blogger and hit your Validate HTML favelet within a minute of seeing the new design, shame on you. Don’t you have better things to do? Aren’t there other things more interesting than making sure a new site launches with valid code the very same day?) A few simple omissions of closing brackets, and use of the target tag within a XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype is preventing the front page from validating right now. They’ll get to it eventually. Bear with them as they try to make sure everything else is working correctly for all the users who depend on the service to publish their thoughts and experiences to the world. Fixes and new features will most likely continue to roll out in the weeks ahead, so expect changes over time.

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web standards said...

Blog companies should make it their business to set it up so that their patrons pages will conform to standard code.


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