Inkjet Cartridges - Are they a dead Technology?

Several years ago I made the switch to laser printers and left the world of inkjet toners and cartridges forever.  I never did a great deal of work printing out pictures on my own inkjet printer.  Mostly I don't do a lot of work with pictures that need to be printed, my wife is a photographer and she does and so she has an inkjet printer that mostly draws dust.  Most of the pictures that either of us work with are pushed out to the web.

Our situation is not necessarily standard or typical for most people, and I realize that many people still like to print out their pictures and put them in a frame or send them to a relative or something.

So it's been a while since I've had to hunt down a place that offers cost-effective ink cartridges.  I recently had to dust off my mother-in-law's inkjet printer while I was visiting, and needed to replace the cartridges.  Came across company called  They offer free ground shipping and have a no questions asked return policy, and they shipped the same day they take your order.  Those are a little things, but when you're dealing with a commodity like an ink cartridge for a printer, they're kind of important it is you don't really want to monkey around with something as simple as an ink cartridge.

So I'm throwing their name out there, but I'm also curious if anyone else is found something better or more effective or if you had any experience with 

Drop us a comment most of the your preferred ink cartridge vendor is or was no if you even using cartridges these days.

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