Electric Razors that do not Run off a Cord

Here's a quick rant and addition to the Broken Technology Series.

Its the day after the labor day weekend.  For several reason, I did not shave all weekend long and today I really need to shave. 

My wife and kids recently purchased a new electric razor for me as a Father's Day gift.  It has been a couple months and I am still getting used to the new razor. 

I suspect it may be a bit of a dud, but its a gift and I am hoping to make it work a bit longer before I replace it.

Anyway today I learned something that definitely escalates it into the Broken Technology level and possibly shoves it full force into the dud category.

The razor will not run off of the Cord!

The battery ran down.  Someone cleaned the restroom and unplugged my razor and then it sat all weekend and so when I attempted to electrically machete my way into the beard jungle, the thing just kind of rolled over and died.

No problem, I think.  I grab the cord, plug it in and it starts to go again.

Then it runs down again.  It had regenerated just a little bit of juice for that short effort, which created the illusion that the cord worked.  So now I'm writing this silly blog post hoping to kill a couple minutes, while my razor slowly gets it act together.

As an aside, maybe the fine folks at Remington that made my Titanium MS 280, could pool their resources and collaborate a little bit better next time. 

Collaboration Software packages are a dime a dozen these days.

I had an offer in my email box at about the same time my razor died, offering collaboration software from Epazz.

    • There is a 30 Day free trial of their software.
    • integration to backend systems -
    • total manage hosted solution
    • website content management
    • group scheduling
    • business email solution
    • Seamless Integration - To all of your enterprise's back-end systems.
    • Powerful Collaboration -To improve workflow.
    • In-Depth Personalization -Down to the end-user level.
    • Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.
    • One-Point Secured Access - For all of the enterprise's on-line services;
    • Thoughtful understanding - Epazz works with you from start to finish.

Maybe somewhere in there, the Remington folks and their outsourced Chinese manufacturers can remember to put a cord into the mix that is capable of running the device in addition to charging the device.

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Electric Shavers said...

Good point. The older model Remington shavers had major problems with the cord and charging functions. Their new '08 series, including the R-450 and F-710 models, claim to have cordless capabilities.

This is apparently an attempt to improve the problems of the last series. Hopefully, the new models will work better for cordless situations.


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