iPhone Coming to a European Union Near You

1. Deutsch Telecom Lands iPhone in Germany

In case you missed it, Apple announced this week that they will be launching the iPhone in Germany with Deutsche Telekom.  Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile in the United States and even though I am definitely not an iPhone fan, I'm somewhat surprised that Apple did not partner with T- Mobile in the states where they opted instead to work with AT&T a notoriously troubled and evil company in my humble opinion as they stole $1000 for me a few years ago in a phone slamming scam.  (Sorry I just can't hide my bias about AT&T)

2. Orange Lands iPhone in the UK

AT&T also announced that they were going to launch the iPhone with Orange and the United Kingdom.  It's kind of funny because a number of Europeans have been purchasing my phones in the United States and in hacking them so they can use them on their own systems at home. Guess all that hacking was for naught as the iPhone is now available.

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