Poker Void in My Life

Where did the Poker Hours Go?

I was talking with my brother last night commiserating or the fact that we both seem to have the same cold even though we live 1000 miles apart.  He was telling me how he has been playing online poker ball he lays sick on the couch trying to pass the time.

As my dad describes it, he has a fairly high stress job, and when he gets sick it's very hard to lie there and do nothing.  I haven't had a high stress job for a couple years and as time passes it's getting harder for me to relate to that it seems like a foreign thing that just isn't necessary.

Mac Poker

So we were talking about how he was playing poker online, and how I haven't played online poker in probably five or six months.  I have been thinking about getting a Mac for about the same period of time, and I mentioned to him a website that specializes in showing people how where to find Mac Poker games online.


Now my personal favorite place to play Texas hold them online is PokerStars.   Now that same website,,  does a great job of walking people through all the different options and sites where they can play online poker games of every different size shape and flavor.  They're especially good at showing all the different platforms that the games work on best so if you're working with a PC versus a Mac you can see which games work best on those systems.

Other Sections to Check out on MacPokerOnline

Since I have not been playing poker online lately, I suspect maybe I need to freshen things up a little bit.

Sometimes you get away from games like this because your a little tired of them even though you're having fun.  So maybe it's time I learned a new game like one of these below:

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