School Takes Study Aid (Ipod) Away From Kids

Schools do some stupid things sometimes. Mountain View High School in Meridian Idaho decided to take one of the best study aids students have had since the computer away from their students to prevent them from cheating. They are banning Ipods.

They claim that a teacher over heard students talking about cheating with Ipods. Neither the teacher nor the school actually caught any students cheating with Ipods.

They claim that students can cheat on tests with Ipods in a number of ways:
  1. downloading crib notes and formulas in audio or text files to listen to or read on the display
  2. slipping a single ear bud into their ear to listen to songs like School House Rock's "I'm just a bill"
  3. using self recorded voice notes to listen to and more
Can you imagine that?

Students would actually take the time to record their notes and put them on their music players. Better put a stop to that right away, that's almost like studying. Those same no good students could, god forbid, listen to their notes on the way to school and home again, or while exercising in the gym or during a lunch break even.

Instead of teaching students to use the benefits of the tool and encouraging them to use the tool for positive reasons (like all those fantastic Duke students that were required to get Ipods so they could study more effectively, remember?), the school has decided to take the tool that might be abused away on heresay.

They claim that teachers and administrators might not have kept up with technology and so they can't keep up with those super smart kids these days.

That's Hogwash too!

The first walkman came out almost 3 decades ago when many of those teachers and administrators were in school or college themselves. You could do most of the same things with a walkman then that you can do with an ipod today. I know, I did them. I used to record my notes and study for tests with my walkman all the time in high school.

This is just an ignorant reaction from this school. I have news for the school. There's a much older form of technology that is much more useful for cheating on tests, its called a book. You can cheat on a test with a book easier than you can with an Ipod. For that matter you can cheat with a piece of paper, or if any of those old fogey teachers ever saw that early 80's movie spies like us, they would know that you can cheat with an ink pen and some skin, or an eye patch, or fake cast or dozens of items.

Maybe if those teachers would get up and monitor the class during the tests they might be able to observe whether or not any students have any wires hanging from their ears, and then if the students actually want to study for their tests in between classes, well that is a good thing.

The thing is that most teachers are not that lazy. This sounds more like a school board getting involved in something and wasting everyone's time. Maybe if they spent more time working to increase teacher's salaries so that teachers did not have to subsist on food stamps and medicare advantage supplements and spent less time trying to make silly headlines the system would make more progress.

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