Recycling Your old Computers

For small business owners looking to safely get rid of old computers, Ebay might be an option to bring in a little extra money.  Bootstrapping is always a good concept, but if selling used computers is not your core competency and if you have other work that seems to be more important, you might want to hand this chore off to someone else.

There are many companies that specialize in either recycling machines that can not be saved or refurbishing those that can and selling them.

You might look into these options and consider an alternative path such as Twin Cities Digital.  Send them your information on the machines you are looking to get rid of and they will contact you for dates and possibly a quote.  They work with many types of computers from your average HP, Dell, and IBM's to used cisco machines and equipment and more. 

Protect Your DATA!

No matter what, if you do recycle your machine, protect the information on your hard drives.  Invest in steps to both save the knowledge and information on those old computers so that you do not lose something important.  Then invest in powerful tools designed to strip and wipe the sensitive data off those machines and possibly permanently destroy the hard drives before they ever leave your facility and control.

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