Music Industry Dies a Little this Month with a Nine Inch Nail

Pretty Hate Machine NIN's debut album in 1989  Nine Inch Nails fired their record company and went online to distribute their latest album.  Maybe that sounds artsy fartsy, but it worked! 

Despite encouraging fans to freely distribute the music on peer to peer sites, the site has recorded 800,000 transactions and made $1.6 million in the first week.

That's a pretty good take for not having a record company slice off 90% of the revenue!


So lets recap the internet is not only good for selling ebooks on how to lose weight, but it can make or break a Presidential campaign, it can compete with Wal-Mart for sales and now it might just put one of those last nine inch nails in the coffin of the music industry that still doesn't get it.

Now they are pushing the envelope even further and encouraging fans to mix up their 36 track set to their own music videos or film.

Nine Inch Nails Make $1.6 Million With Online Album Sales

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