EchoStar Enters the Wireless Spectrum Owners Club

EchoStar beat out Google for spectrum in the recent 700mhz spectrum auctions in the United States.  EchoStar bid about $712 million via its subsidiary Frontier Wireless, formerly connected to Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Wireless bought C Block, the largest, with $9.6 billion, while AT&T bid a total of $6.6 billion to pick up the B Block. EchoStar Corp.’s Frontier Wireless LLC made a $712 million bid and Qualcomm totaled $558 million.
Google Inc. didn’t win any license, but there were some new entrants. EchoStar Corp.-owned Frontier Wireless LLC bid $712 million and will sure make its mark with the licenses it won.

The Winners of Airwaves Auction Revealed

Google was expected to place better than they did in the auction as they presumably were looking to launch a new mobile phone service.  But they ended up not placing at all while their stock dropped at the same time over concerns about their earnings potential.  Google has long been considered better at talent management bringing in PhD's and less apt at investment management.

Verizon Wireless picked up the largest block of spectrum through the auction with At&t coming in second and Qualcomm (the company that didn't share information illegally with the government during the warrantless wiretapping scandal) came in fourth.

Now all four companies will have to kick things in to high gear to justify those investment dollars, pool their resources, and bring in a ROI.

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