Bank of America - We Can't Hear You Now through those Energy Efficient Windows

charlotte-bank-of-america-building-bad-cell-coverage Sometimes you can't win for losing, and Bank of America attempted to establish some "green" buildings around the Charlotte area where it has its headquarters.

With more than 15 buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the bank has its headquarters, the three buildings designated as "green" are the ones where the signal problem has been detected, Bridges said.

Energy-efficient windows block mobiles

Unfortunately, the energy-efficient windows that they installed on those buildings are blocking cell phone signals from getting out or in. This was a completely unanticipated side effect of going green, and many people even outside of Bank of America were surprised that the bank would have this problem with energy-efficient windows. As it turns out, these windows are lying with a metallic substance during the manufacturing process.

So now Bank of America has to look at utilizing some slightly expensive solutions to help push wireless signals around the inside of their buildings. These days mobile phone access is essential to business, and it's just not possible that Bank of America could have a mobile phone free zone within their banks. Unfortunately, this presents a warning for companies that are looking to go green. The next time an eco-friendly department wants to go to the mattresses over a new technology, and may need to make sure that that new technology will toward business altogether. Nobody said there would be a learning curve to going green, so looks like were all in for a bumpy ride.

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