War Injuries Prevent McCain from Typing/Internet

This is the initial commentary that kicked off the conversation at Utterz and the insight into what might make John McCain a better candidate and more productive American.
Barak Obama criticizes John McCain because he does not use email. Really cheap -- and stupid--- shot. War injuries prevent McCain not only from typing on a keyboard, but also tying his own shoes or combing his hair. See the Boston Globe article by Mary Leonard on March 4, 2000. Move on, to something real, Barak, and quit embarrassing yourself.

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Note its not like we are asking John McCain to go out and get a job or something in this conversation. We're talking about a person that does not utilize one of the most popular forms of communication in the world today, possibly even more popular than the telephone. Email is not that difficult, it should not be that intimidating and its not like we are talking about weight loss pills, viagra, or some chemical fix for an ailment. We're simply talking about not utilizing people as buffers of communication for a person that might take control of the most powerful country in the world.

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Anonymous said...

This is a blatant conservative lie. If you want to see pictures of McCain using BOTH a cell phone and blackberry at the same time they can be found at:


If he can use a blackberry, you can type an email on it. Furthermore, it takes more fine motor control to use a blackberry than a keyboard. I KNOW, having lost fine motor skills due to MS.

Anonymous said...

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