Mythbusters Censored by Credit Card Companies


The above screencap comes from an post which you can find here:…company-l/ and it reports on Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage's admission that the Discovery Channel caved under pressure from the credit card companies not to air an episode profiling the extreme hackability of RFID chips that are now appearing in credit cards.

The story originally comes from a video posted on here:…ch-my.html which was previously posted on YouTube here:

So, now the truth is effectively been banned. This kind of thing pisses me off to no end--as the Engadget post points out, rather than spend money on finding a more secure solution to RFID's problems, these companies would rather spend money on lawyers to stop people from talking about RFID's problems.

In other words, rather than keeping our money safe, they'd rather be able to advertise the latest bell and whistle to get more customers.

This is why I don't have a credit card. This is why I wish I could function without a bank account--because banks aren't keeping my money secure. Remember that company that made a bunch of electronic balloting machines that were super easy to hack? They used to be called "Diebold" and guess what other kind of machine they make: Automated Teller Machines. Yep, the company that couldn't prove they could count our votes we're trusting to count our money.

Meanwhile, banks think RFID is the wave of the future. However, it's anything but. While the credit card companies won't let Discovery Channel show that Mythbusters episode (or let them even MAKE the episode), previously posted a video that details how easy it is to hack RFID. I reposted it here:…vulnerable

I'm all for technology (DUH!), but anyone who thinks that technology can be trusted not to fail hasn't used technology enough to know what they're talking about.

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San Antonio Attorney said...

I'm a fan of the myth busters and they really are very informative, Its a good science TV Lab. Just don't know why they have to censor it.


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