War Injuries Prevent McCain from Typing/Internet

There are many voice recognition softwares. Also what are the 100's of assistants good for if they can't read him his email?

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It was this response by AlwayaAMama at Utterz that helped to give me the insight that John McCain may be stalling stubbornly with an excuse as opposed to embracing technologies that could benefit him, his campaign and the country. Not to mention if he were to overcome yet another one of life's challenges it would be a hell of a story for the campaign. Its not like John McCain is trying to get some sort of settlement through a South Carolina injury lawyer so that hey can hang out and drink beer in front of the TV for the rest of his days. Obviously, that is not the type of guy John McCain is, but somewhere between the hero that held out against his Vietnamese tortures and the man that refuses to use a productivity increasing communications tool like email, we find the candidate that might run the country in a few months.

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