Suspected New Zealand Teenager Cybercrime Ringleader Questioned and Released

A New Zealand teenager was questioned and released as part of a joint jurisdiction investigation.  The teenager is accused of ring leading a penetration into 1.3 million computers and skimming millions of dollars from owners bank accounts.

Working with the FBI and the police in the Netherlands, the New Zealand police raided the home of the 18-year-old in the North Island city of Hamilton and took him into custody along with several computers, said Martin Kleintjes, head of the police electronic crime center. The youth was released without charge, though the police said he was still part of their investigation.

New Zealand teen questioned on suspected cybercrime ring

Identity theft now has impacted 1 out of every 25 Americans and it is rapidly becoming obvious that authorities are falling behind in the race to protect people from this type of crime.  One minute you are surfing Google, not even making a purchase, you click on a search result, and before you know it a teenager is lifting personal and sensitive information from your computer and engaging in a shopping spree to outfit their cats with high end modern platform beds.

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