Black Friday Started and All I got Was this stupid 10 percent off email!

Many holiday shoppers this year are going to have to settle for paying normal price on Black Friday.  The deals in a tumbling economy with a continually devaluing dollar and hints of inflation are going to keep inventory tight retailers from pushing out the big incentives.


I received my first personal example of this on Wednesday.  Circuit City sent me a nice email offering me a whopping 10 percent off if I shop online and enter their tracking code.

Now as a consumer, 10 percent off is not going to get me to act on anything unless, I just happen to be going to circuit city that same day and the email comes an hour or so before I go.  Then I might remember or make the connection and use it. 

Otherwise I suspect Circuit City is just wasting their direct email budget.  I'd rather they spend that by giving me a free diet coke while I wait in a long check out line next month when I do spend some money at the last minute.

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