Blogworld Kicks off a few little SNAFUs

First, what is the plural spelling of SNAFU?  Is it SNAFI?  SNAFUes?

Anyway, I'm out at Blogworld for the convention in Las Vegas.  Writing this during the corporate blogger session.  I write as a ghost writer on several corporate blogs, write as a ceo on my own blog and write on a number of niche topics as well (as you know among many other areas of business, marketing, entertainment and specialization.)

blogworld corporate conference session

There are not too many of us blogger / social media/ social marketing gurus in the world and that is a big reason why we are in such high demand these days. 

Blogs may be a dime a dozen but good blogging/marketing skills are a valuable commodity.

I wanted to point out a few of the negatives about the show so far (there aren't that many and I view these as areas of opportunity for the organizers).

  1. There are no shuttles running bloggers around.  Navigating Vegas for first time visitors sometimes is easier when conferences provide shuttles at least to the show.
  2. Sound, Sound, Sound, the first keynote address this morning had bad sound, and even lost sound for a while.  The audience interaction fell apart for about the middle third of the conversation because people could not hear the speakers correctly.
  3. Food and drinks at the convention center.  For what ever reason finding plentiful food and drink at the Las Vegas Convention center is always problematic whether its Blogworld or CES.

Note. Someone is probably looking for some new cufflinks.  I know this because I had one lodged in my shoe after getting off the escalator.  Fortunately, it didn't puncture my skin and I didn't need a tetanus shot after attending Blogworld. 

I will be providing a much longer list of positives later!

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