BlogWorld in Vegas 7 - 9th - Next Week!


I am heading to BlogWorld in Las Vegas on Wednesday.  It should be a fun time.  There are several parties already lined up on Wednesday(hard rock) and Saturday(Tao) and I've heard unconfirmed rumors about parties on Thursday and Friday too. 

What Happens When you turn on tens of thousands of bloggers in Las Vegas?

Lots of talk, lots of gossip, lots of pictures, lots of video and lots and lots of blogging.

Seriously, it will be a good chance for everyone to get together learn some new stuff (I'm all tracked up with conference sessions to go to in an effort to learn the latest and greatest in blogging) and then since its Vegas where they pump Oxygen into the casinos to help keep you awake, no one will sleep.

Now if only they had wifi at the craps tables . . . .

If you are going to be out at BlogWorld next week or over the weekend, contact me and maybe we can catch up at one of the events.  I'll be staying a few days at the Stratosphere (saving money) and at the Hilton (proximity) but I won't be at the Orleans hotel Las Vegas

PS not sure if it is still there, but the night club known I think as Lights in the Bellagio Sucks!  (I promised them a plug the last time I was there.)

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Mee mOe said...

I just stopped by to say I am enjoying your page...;)


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