Wider the Monitor the wider the interface to your Brain

It strikes me that over the years monitors have gotten bigger as technology improves and prices go down.  We always blindly accept that our vision will benefit from bigger, brighter and more colorful.

The reality is that the monitor is an interface through our eyes and directly to our brains. That bigger better lcd monitor that makes things more clear for our eyes to see and our brains to accept.

That $200 monitor that gives you twenty inches of insight into the big picture is worth every dollar of its price tag.

Reverse Perspective

Can you imagine saying to yourself, I want to go buy a monitor that only shows me half of the big picture or cuts off 20% of the most important part of the big picture. 

I want something that provides more distortion or runs more slowly or is difficult to see from multiple angles in my home or office.

Not To Likely

We go for better technology, especially a monitor.  Its our primary input into our brains right before our ears. 

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